Pre-Season Workouts In Full Swing

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The Pride boys basketball team is 2 weeks in with their pre-season workouts, and they are working hard.  “This is the hardest the basketball team has ever worked,” Coach Decker (Mountain Pointe Strength and Conditioning Coach) said.  “In the past, they would just come in and hang out.  Now you can see sweat soaked t-shirts.”  Coach Denny, the baseball coach and Advanced PE teacher has also been impressed. “I like how hard the guys are working.  I’m looking forward to seeing them out on the court.”

Coach Eason has definitely changed the pre-season workout expectations.  Most of the boys are in 1st period Advanced PE, and despite class starting at 7:50am, many of the boys show up ready to work at 7:30am.  “We like it better before school because we’re the only team in the gym at 7:30,” says Amarion Cash; senior guard. “We definitely get more work in with less people in the gym.”

The workouts don’t end in the weight room.  After study hall, the Pride take to the track for a sprint and bleacher workout.  “These guys need to be able to run hard and jump high for long periods of time, so the track workout really helps,” Coach Eason added. The team rotates between short and intermediate sprints on the track, and bleacher runs.  “I’ll be able to go harder, longer,” Selah Thomas; senior guard responded.  The boys are working through the running, and showing great promise.

If you plan on joining the team, don’t hesitate to come get in shape.

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