The End of the Fall Workouts

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As fall break ends, so too does fall workouts for the boys basketball team. Weight lifting, track workouts, and player development was the focus, and as a staff, we’re happy with the work the team has put in. Many programs chose to play in fall basketball leagues and tournaments, but we felt the best thing for our boys was to be in the gym working, and proudly I can say the boys felt the same way.

20170907_165004-1Over the next 2 weeks it’s important that the boys work hard to keep their conditioning and strength on a high level. Plus, it’s going to be paramount that they get into basketball shape with tons of sprints and defensive slides. Polishing their fundamentals offensively and defensively should be easy with their improved strength and stamina. They need to also continue to improve their individual skills; defensive pressure, rebounding, ball handling, passing, shooting, and finishing with both hands.

With tryouts right around the corner, the coaching staff is looking forward to seeing how much all the boys have improved. Spots are limited on each level, so we’re hoping for a great tryout.

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