Tri-Scrimmage Mountain Pointe vs. Rancho Solano and Hamilton

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triscrimmageAfter 2 weeks of pre-season practice, the Pride boys basketball team finally take the floor against another school.  On Wednesday evening at 5:30pm,the boys plays host to Rancho Solano Prep and Hamilton HS in a tri-scrimmage at Mountain Pointe High School.  It will be the first game at MP under new head coach Duane Eason, and the first chance for the fans to see “FEROCITY”, the Pride’s aggressive defensive and offensive style of play.
Coach Eason: “I’m excited to see the boys play against someone other than each other. It seems like forever since we played another school, so i’m interested to see how much we’ve improved; and how much we still need to get better at. It’ll also be good for the students to see the boys play.  There’s been a buzz all fall throughout the building, so i’m sure the student body wants to see what the team looks like in live action.”
Doors open at 5:00pm, and the games start at 5:30pm.
Hamilton vs. Rancho Solano – 2 Quarters
MP vs. Rancho Solano – 2 Quarters
MP vs. Hamilton – 2 Quarters

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