Pride Hoops Takes Southwest Slam

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The Pride freshmen and sophomores have been put together by Coach Eason, to form Pride Hoops; the for Mountain Pointe.  The team won the Southwest Slam championship at Inspire Courts, this weekend. “Are guys need to play together, from time to time.” Eason said.  “Gives us a chance to see next season’s team, when the players aren’t playing with their club teams. The team consists of TJ Tigler, Daevin Celaya, Jason Kimbrough, Tajh Holloway, Miles Sulka, Noah Simmons, Jordan Wunnenberg, Khalil Simmons, Dayson Dush, Zereou Williams, Skyler Wilson, Demarco Burkes, Jalen Weber and Christian Nunez. Coach Fauske and Coach Kimbrough coached the team.
IMG_161111The boys went 1-1 on Saturday in pool play; defeating Phoenix Sol, but dropping the second game to Inspire.  Despite the loss, the boys qualified for the gold medal bracket. Sunday they defeated Jamal Murray Elite 15U in the semi-final and Hoozoo in the championship game.
The semi-final had a twist, due to 3 MP boys; Jason Kimbrough, Zereou Williams and Qbon Sullivan were playing for their club team, Jamal Murray Elite. “They have a big Adidas tournament coming up, so I felt they should play with their club team.” Eason responded. Unfortunately for them, they fell short to the MP boys, but their were some heated exchanges and physical plays among the high school teammates. “There’s no let up with our young boys, the freshmen and sophomores go at it.  They’re not worried about getting hurt.”  Eason continues. “When TJ, Lil D, Jason and Tajh go at it, there’s no hold barred; they’re competitors all day everyday, and that’s what i’m looking for in MP players.
The Pride Boys will continue spring workouts, in preparation for the NCAA Live Recruiting weekend; the next 2 weekends.  “It’s money time for the guys.”  Eason explains.  “If they want scholarships, they need to perform during this recruiting period.  We are excited to see how the next two weekends work out for each of them, recruiting-wise.

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