From the desk of Coach Eason


Now that Spring Break is over, the off-season will officially begin. There are things that people need to know, and hopefully this will act as an avenue for your answers.

To begin, players have a lot to be aware of in the fourth quarter.  One, work hard in classes to complete assignments, make up work, and score high on assessments.  Your eligibility for the 2018-2019 season is dependent on a strong second semester. In addition, all players need to be adding muscle, so you need to be pushing yourself in the weight room. Increased muscle will improve your strength, speed, jumping, durability and ability to perform basketball skills consistently and proficiently.  Lastly, strengthen your personal and team IQ.  Personally, pay attention in training to what you’re being taught, and recognize times in games to utilize learned skills.  As a teammate, develop your understanding of your game, and figure out what role you fit in on your team.

Next, parents also play a big role in their child’s off-season, so it’s important you know a few things as well. First, understand who your child is as a player.  We all dream big, but it’s important to look at his size, athleticism, skills and find a realistic comparison.  Looking at players his height at different levels will give you a true sense of where he stands; and what he can possibly become.  Communicate with all his coaches.  Many issues arise when coaches are saying different things.  I suggest setting up a meeting with his high school, club and skills coach.  If they are seeing different things, his growth will be stunted.  They should all be working towards the same goal.  Finally, reach out to the coaches and booster club, to see where you can best help the program.  Volunteers are crucial to the program, and the smallest help can be important to the big picture.

Lastly, incoming freshmen players and parents, you have things to do before you start your freshmen year.  To start, make sure you’re fully enrolled at Mountain Pointe before trying to attend off-season events. Also, find out what’s going on in the summer and when you can begin participating. Furthermore, refer all questions to the athletic department, it is Mr. Griffith’s job to speak on behalf of all programs, when a prospective player is not enrolled. Lastly, take time to find out what is required of MP basketball players, and do your best to prepare yourself for your first season in the program.

Coach Eason