From the desk of Coach Eason


“Summer Ball”

Summer ball is an important part of the off-season; in some senses it’s more important than the regular season.  To understand summer ball’s importance, you need to understand it’s key characteristics.

Summer ball gives the guys a chance to learn how to play with one another.  Through practice and games, each player learns more about themselves and their teammates. They learn who can be trusted in critical moments of the season, who comes to play everyday, and who’s fully invested in the success of the program. The chemistry in the summer will go along way in telling the coach what can be expected of the team in the winter.

Role Identification
Summer ball provides and opportunity to develop player roles.  Some guys will be playing varsity or JV for the first time.  They will need to establish their consistent capabilities, which will define their position, minutes, spot in the pecking order.  Other will be returning players that will have a chance to take on a bigger role, which was created by graduation or promotion. You are in the winter, who you were in the summer.

Skill Development
Summer ball, especially games, gives players a less pressurized platform to try some things they have been working on.  Players should focus in games on recognizing situations where a learned skill can be applied, and apply it. Consistently making the right choices in situations will go along way in helping the team’s chemistry and the coach decide on how big a role to give you.

Have Fun
Winning is always the goal, and having fun is the bi-product of wining. Players’ enjoyment comes with having a major part in the success of a team.  Working hard to improve as a player should be enjoyable, not a tedious labor.  By working hard on your game, developing chemistry with your teammates through accepting and executing your role; you will find success, which will lead to a fun June and July.

– Coach Eason